Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy 105th Birthday, Agnes Hunter Jensen (1906-1961)!

Agnes Clara Hunter was born to Clara and Henry, and had a twin brother who died at birth.  She was the oldest of a half-dozen children, and Henry left the family when she was twelve.  Aggie had to drop out of school and work in a chocolate-dipping factory to help support the family.  

She was a fun-loving girl who enjoyed singing the latest songs and going out dancing.

She married Elmer Jensen after a fun courtship of dancing and tennis games (and balancing suitors!).  They honeymooned in the national parks of Utah.  The Jensens loved to entertain, and Aggie put on everything from elegant dinner parties with fine china, to masquerade costume parties, and family picnics up the canyon with campfire singing. They had five children.

She was devastated by Elmer's early death and followed him only a few years later. Aggie has a great-granddaughter named in her honor, and we celebrated her hundredth birthday in grand style in 2006.

Aggie's 100th

dipping chocolates like Aggie

her kids
her wedding dress
I would give Aggie a chocolate fondue set for home entertaining!


  1. What a joy to see this wonderful tribute to Mom! We are blessed to have Anita carry on her ancestry, I feel so proud of my family history.

    I think of all of you often, and remember the good times we had growing up. Memories of Mom and Dad are always with me.

    Thank you for keeping us all current and in your prayers.

    Ray Jensen
    Jacksonville, Florida

  2. What a beautiful woman! Love all the photos!