Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 91st Birthday, GFW!

World War II uniform then
and now
newlyweds then
and now
shoulder rides and "down the drain"
are grandchildren favorites

bowtie and books
harmonica lessons at Aspen Grove
GFW keeps a pace that us young 'uns can hardly follow.  The ski resorts probably didn't expect that free senior pass to get so much use!  He is a GREAT-grandfather, and prefers limerick tributes...  so please add some!

Here's mine:

Still hiking Alpine trails,
Great-grandfather never fails.
The slopes know his name
Hole-in-one golf is his game
His 91 is for much younger males!


  1. He's lived through so many long years
    The changes, the joys, and the tears.
    But he's still going strong,
    Surrounded by a throng
    Of family giving him cheers!

    I love you Grandfather!

  2. eva saw this post and said, "that is my great father!" happy birthday, GFW!