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Congratulations, graduates!
Favorite wedding dress
Happy (Fore) Father's Day
Where America are you from?
Happy Birthday USA!
Happy Pioneer Day!
Happy reunioning!
Harry Potter
Party Planning Tips
Favorite hairstyle
Happy national redhead day
Awkward photo contest
Best Headstone
Best Beard
Merry Ancestors
Party Cleanup
Thanks for coming to the party!


mostly made from these blogposts, in the following relevant family groups
all published on Lulu, and available in both paperback and digital download

Hatch Pioneer Book  ancestors of Anna Cottam Hatch (my dad's side)
Welch Pioneer Book  ancestors of Unita Woodland & John Welch (my mom's side)
Cramer Pioneer Book combining the above two (my parents' ancestors)
Wells Pioneer Book  ancestors of Hannah Hegsted & George Wells (my father-in-law's side)
Jensen/Wells Pioneer Book  ancestors of Gayle Jensen & Gawain Wells (my husband's side)
Keep the Faith Pioneer Guide the complete guide (everyone above)

My other (non-genealogical) book, Nephi, Nephi, The Scriptures Are True!
(out of print but available on Amazon)