Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy 226th Birthday, Hannah Ladd Tupper (1785-1855)!

Gawain Wells' third-great-grandmother

Yet another Hannah--Hannah Ladd Tupper was descended from Hannahs and produced a whole line of more Hannahs.
She was the seventh of twelve children raised in Puritan New Hampshire by a father who was a church deacon.  Five of her uncles fought in the Revolutionary War.  At age thirty-two, Hannah married Silas, a widower nearly twenty years her senior with ten children. Together they had seven more.  Silas and Hannah learned of the gospel from their daughter Hannah, and were baptized.  This event was sadly followed by the deaths of two adult daughters. They moved their family to Nauvoo, where Silas also passed away. Thomas Grover married Hannah’s remaining daughters, Hannah and Loduska, and promised his mother-in-law that he would bring her to Zion.  

He kept this promise a few years later. Hannah had returned to be with family in New Hampshire, and in the winter of 1852-53, her daughter Hannah fetched her by train to Iowa, and from there they traveled back to Utah. Hannah spent her remaining two years in Farmington, and often said how thankful she was to be with her family and the Church in Utah. Hannah was a very faithful woman who reared a big family with courage. She was reportedly the first person to be buried in the Farmington Cemetery, although there is no headstone or marker for her there.  

I would give her some beautiful embroidered and monogrammed "Hannah" handkerchiefs to pass down to all of her namesakes.

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  1. Going with the monogrammed theme, I'd give her silverware, dishes, etc. for the generations of Hannahs.