Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Heritage Trail: Mesa

communing with cactus
My paternal grandparents lived in Mesa, Arizona, from the late 1950s until the 1990s.  I remember visiting their home as a child, and so returning there last Easter was special. We attended church at their ward and met some of their old friends who reminisced about being in Anna's Cub Scout troop, and TP-ing their house one night while Wally and Anna just watched, smiling, from behind the window curtains.  As we stopped by their home, the owner was kind enough to let me wander through and see how things had changed (he owns an exotic reptile business, so the cage collection alone was enough to feel pretty different there).
Anna's handwritten list of places she's lived

the Mesa chapel which my dad, uncle, and grandpa helped build

Green Acres Cemetery, Scottsdale AZ
Wally & Anna's headstones
their first house at 237 Drew Street
1028 W 11th Street
the driveway with some additions
the familiar palm trees out back--smaller than I'd remembered
the old laundry room off to the side of the house
Anna's same pink oven!
the covered patio
patio view
the back yard (now with reptile cages)
the family room shelves--where I first discovered Anna's genealogy papers
the family room
the kitchen
kitchen view
the living room
ice cream in Wally's honor

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  1. Those are great posts, Anita! I'm surprised that the kitchen and all remain much as I remember. Thanks for documenting!