Monday, August 19, 2013

Heritage Trail: Logan

My maternal grandparents both lived in Logan, Utah for part of their growing up years, and they met while attending Utah State University and were later sealed in the Logan Temple. Their widowed mothers continued to live in Logan through the 1960s and 1970s, so my mom and her siblings spent summer vacations visiting their grandmothers there.

a restaurant my grandma remembers fondly
my two great-grandmothers out shopping together, Eulalia left, Blanche right

The homes where grandmothers Blanche Woodland and Eulalia Sorensen lived are still there:

Woodland home 275 W 100 N

Welch home 575 N 100 E 
Logan Temple
My grandparents attended Utah State University, and used to meet under the clock
reliving their courtship, 1995

Daniel and Blanche Woodland, as well as her grandparents Lorenzo and Sylvia Hatch, are buried in the Logan cemetery.

enjoying famous Aggie ice cream--Aggie blue mint is a treat!

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  1. Happy memories in each of these pictures and comments.