Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy 173rd Deathday, Polly Steepleford (1768-1838)!

Unita Welch's great-great-grandmother

Mary (called Polly) was married to Noah Steepleford, a Kentucky ferry owner of English and French descent, and they had seven children. She was a recent widow when she joined the Church along with her daughter Celia Woodland’s family. Perhaps the gospel message was of comfort in her loss.  

Polly and the Woodlands came to be with Saints in Jackson County, Missouri. There she died during the Missouri mobbing, and the family was unable to get lumber for her coffin due to the mob. Thus, they buried her in a clothes box, which was not long enough, and her feet stuck out six inches “which was a trial they never forgot.”  Polly was one of our earliest converts, and a martyr for the faith.

I would give her a new coffin!

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