Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy 129th Birthday, Frank S Hatch (1882-1968)!

Anna Hatch Cramer's father

Frank helped design the "U" on the mountain!  And curiously, his middle initial "S" doesn't stand for anything.

Frank was born in Bountiful, Utah, to William Ira and Margaret Muir Hatch, the oldest of their ten children.

He received his BS in 1907 from the University of Utah in electrical engineering, and helped design the “U” on the mountain with his class.  He insisted on the serifs in the font, creating quite the legacy for years of souvenirs and paraphernalia!
Despite my true blue Cougar blood
inherited from other ancestors,
I made a pilgrimage in my
 honor this week
Frank married Charlotte Cottam in 1909, and they had nine children (seven were girls, and apparently the last was a very reluctant gender acceptance since the parents named her "Johnette"). The first few children were born in Salt Lake, and then the Hatches moved to Scipio to help in the electrification of rural Utah. 
Frank on the farm in Scipio

working as an engineer

Frank and Lottie with Anna and her sons
Frank's  grandchildren loved summer visits to his farm, and remember that he never liked to mix his food together but kept it all separate on his plate.  In his later years, he was gored by a bull and couldn't walk upright.

Lottie & Frank Hatch
I would give him one of those divided plates so he could keep all the food from touching.  Maybe my own kids inherited that from him!


  1. i was thinking the same thing about the separated food! our brother joe does that too :)

  2. I'd give him a baby name book: surely there are some better "gender neutral" names than Johnette.