Friday, July 1, 2011

July Party Game: Where in America are you from?

Following historical migration patterns, our original American ancestors settled in Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.  Eventually they moved further west, to Nebraska, Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa and Illinois.  The LDS immigrants headed west to Utah (and a few to Idaho) and settled in the towns listed here:

Later generations moved to Arizona and California and then back east to Virginia and Massachusetts again.  Which state claims your heart?

in 4 states at once at Four Corners!


  1. Hawaii!
    No, just kidding, I'd have to say both Utah and Virginia.

  2. I guess my heart is in Utah because it is my history and it is where most of my family currently resides, but I’ve always thought I would have liked being a California girl. I also have a keen interest in Pennsylvania possibly because of the mystery of my great great grandparents settling there from Wales (and then seemingly disappearing) but also because I think it is so beautiful there.