Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy 89th Birthday, GMW!

I'm named after my two grandmothers, so I've always felt close to them and to that heritage.  Our family put together a book on GMW's life several years ago, so pull that out today!

Nita was born to goodly parents and raised in Logan. She married as an Army bride in World War II.  She was a fabulous homemaker and classy companion to her lawyer husband.  She raised five children and now has eighteen grandchildren and forty-five great-grandchildren.  She enjoyed camping, hiking, and skiing. She and her husband served a mission together teaching at BYU-Hawaii. She has created a Christmas tradition of family gingerbread-baking, as well as a close-knit family and wonderful appreciation for our heritage. Now she lives near me in Salt Lake, and I am privileged to see her frequently.


the 88th birthday party last year

making gingerbread cookies with her great-granddaughter
For your 89th birthday, Grandmother, we put together a family cookbook!


  1. Happy Birthday Great-Grandmother! I love you!

  2. I didn't find that book on Amazon. Are there any available?

    Belated birthday greetings Aunt Nita!