Wednesday, February 29, 2012

P.S. Happy 46th/183rd Birthday, Emmeline Blanche Wells (1828-1921)!

No relation

Despite sharing a last name, Emmeline Wells is not an ancestor (although great-grandmother Blanche Woodland was named in her honor, and ancestor Hannah Grover was a fellow plural wife with her).  However, since her birthday only rolls around every four years, she needed a spotlight--Emmeline Woodward Harris Whitney Wells had more husbands and surnames than usual, but less birthdays than most 93 year olds celebrate!

You can read more about her life here and here; she was a plural wife in Nauvoo to Newel K. Whitney, a pioneer, Relief Society General President, editor of the Woman's Exponent, suffragette, and seventh wife to Daniel Wells in Salt Lake. Emmeline was the first Utah woman to receive an honorary degree (from BYU in 1912), and wrote the words to hymn #34, "Our Mountain Home So Dear."
portrait in the Church History Museum
I'm sure she would enjoy a birthday visit with Sheri Dew!


  1. What an awesome epilogue to the birthday blog!
    I'd give her the chance to choose another birthdate. I know I wouldn't like only celebrating every four years. But who knows, maybe she really liked being only 23 (?) when she died.

  2. My third daughter is named after an Emiline in my family tree and of course this lovely lady too :) happy