Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Ancestors!

In honor of the season, consider incorporating family history into your holiday celebrations--remembering ancestors' Christmas traditions, baking Grandma's classic treats, and giving personalized gifts such as family histories and photo calendars.

Some have decorated family history themed trees or wreaths: see here, for example.  I have a plan to do that someday: create a Christmas tree with ancestral photo ornaments.

Here's a version of "O Christmas Tree" to sing:

O family tree, o family tree,
How lovely (twisted, nutty, crazy, funny, hidden, obscure, tangled) are thy branches
Echoing through mists of time,
People, places that are mine
O family tree, o family tree
How lovely are thy branches.
(thanks to my oldest daughter for poetic help)

Enjoy celebrating family and memories, love and laughter together, while remembering the Holy Family who first brought Christmas to the world!

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