Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy 141st Birthday, Hannah Grover Hegsted (1870-1945)!

Gawain's grandmother

Hannah was an educated woman with a mysterious marriage.  Her dark features intrigue me as well.
Hannah was born in Nevada to pioneers Thomas and Elizabeth Heiner Grover, third of their seven children. She was one of many Hannahs in her ancestral line. The family moved back to Utah when she was a child, and her mother died when Hannah was only twelve years old.
Hannah's watch, in possession of Gawain Wells
Hannah went on to become very educated and was a school principal in Idaho. There she met Bishop Victor Hegsted, and for unclear reasons chose to become his plural wife in 1904, fourteen years after the Manifesto was issued.  Her decision has been examined at length in an article here.

Living in Salt Lake as a single mother under the assumed name of Brown, Hannah had four children, including her daughter Hannah. After Victor's other wife Ada died, he moved to Utah and they became a legal family and lived under the Hegsted name.

I would give her a kindle!


  1. Tell us more about "her dark features"--did anything get finalized on that mystery? I'd give her a journal to explain these things!

  2. Another examination of Hannah's marriage decision here: