Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy 133rd Birthday, Clara Williams Hunter (1878-1956)!

Gayle's grandmother
Clara Hunter had a hard life.  She was born to pioneers Ellen and Miles Williams, second of their five children.  Her father died when she was twelve years old, so as one of the older children, Clara must have shouldered some of the burden of helping her mother raise these children and run the farm alone.

Ellen with her children, Clara far left
She started dating Henry Hunter, who was six years her junior.  They married and had six children--the first two were twins, and the boy died at birth.  Then Henry left the family, and Clara became a single mother. She had health challenges and spent some time hospitalized. She deserves an especially cheerful birthday celebration today!

I would give her a girls getaway trip to the Hershey Spa.  


  1. Additional thoughts from Gayle's aunt(?):

    She was cute, she was so full of fun and cute, but when she got older she had been through so much. Her heart had been bad all her life since she was a little kid. So I think her body just wore out. She was so good with all us kids.. She was 78 when she died in [1956]. Some days she was really good and other days ....

    We had lots of fun with her and all the kids just loved her. Anybody that came to our house. She got more Christmas cards and birthday cards than anybody. All the boys sent her cards and brought her flowers cause she was so good to all the kids. She was always feeding them all. Even if we weren't there the boys would go in and sit and talk to her.

    When she was older she did a lot of funny things, but you can't hold that against her. You always wonder what you would do if you got left with a bunch of kids to raise and no money, no nothing. It would be enough to turn your mind.

    My mother used to do a loot of baking when we’d go on these trips with these kids. She’d make cookies for days, and pies and stuff for us to take. She made pies every Sunday. All the kids would come to our house every Sunday.

  2. I'd give her a visit with our in-family psychologist!