Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy 898th Birthday, Geoffrey Plantagenet (1113-1151)!

Many greats-grandfather on Wells line

Geoffrey is one of those early royals I'm ambivalent about claiming. Yes, he's got some great historical things going on and was a redhead, but he also had a stormy marriage and reportedly a cold and selfish character.  However, he was a great warrior in an era when that was important.  He put down rebellions in France, and did things like capture knights, secure all of Normandy, and imprison his younger brother.  

Geoffrey's wife was Empress Matilda, the daughter of King Henry 1 of England.  He was knighted at age 15 in order to marry her (she was eleven years his senior).  Their son, our ancestor, became king of England.  

Geoffrey's father Fulk, a Crusader king of Jerusalem, will be featured on his birthday next month.  You can read more about Geoffrey here.  I'd give him a new sword!

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  1. I'd give him a self-help book for his marriage.