Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 131st Birthday, Sigvart Jensen (1880-1952)!

Gayle Wells' grandfather

Sigvart Jensen was the oldest living of eleven children born to Sigvart Christian and Josefine (almost half of his siblings died as babies).  The family emigrated from Norway when Sigvart was eight years old, so he was old enough to remember sailing away down the narrow Oslo fjord and having to learn English as a second language. He was sealed to his parents in Utah as a teenager in 1897.  Sigvart remained a Church member after many in his family inexplicably became Seventh-Day Adventists.  

He moved up to Park City to escape the bad air in Salt Lake in 1899, and met Sarah Jane Hooper at church: she was the Sunday School pianist and he was the chorister.  They married in Park City and then took the train to Salt Lake, where they were sealed in the temple the next day.  

Sig and Sarah
Sigvart and Sarah Jane raised three daughters and a son Elmer, and must have grieved the deaths of two infant boys. He had a barbershop in downtown Salt Lake City for many years, which serviced prominent city and Church leaders, and in later years he moved the shop to 9th South.  He was a Seventy in the priesthood.

I would give him a trip back to his ancestral homeland!

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  1. I'd give him Rosetta Stone to help with his English.