Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy 31st Birthday, Harry James Potter (b. 1980)!

Fictional family member

Harry joined our family in 1998 when my little brother David introduced us to the then-new series.  He has been part of our family fabric in a significant way every since. I read all the books aloud to my husband as they were published (he even took a day off from studying for the bar exam for #4).  As our children have become readers, I love watching them transition from easy chapter book to thick Harry Potter tomes.  Every chopstick at our house has been appropriated for wands.
enjoying the series together
These books are praiseworthy for more than memorable characters and great storytelling--in them I love seeing the archetypal hero's quest, an underlying Christian theme with Harry sacrificing himself for his people, the power of love, the covenant power of family bloodlines, the integrity of the soul, and the triumph of good over evil. Some have detailed a very thorough comparison of how Harry is a Christ figure such as here, how he is the archetypal hero here, and gospel lessons learned from the series (page 12 here). Although Rowling has not written scripture, in our house it comes close :-)
Wizarding World in Florida, 2011


Harry has been part of our Halloween and birthday celebrations, Christmas cards, and even bedroom decor and family vacations.
Christmas card 2007
at Wizarding World in Florida 2011
birthday party potions class (held at 9 3/4 in the morning)
Harry & Ginny, all grown up
Happy birthday to a wonderful wizard and many thanks to his creator--here's your Snitch cake!