Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 105th Birthday, George Wells (1906-1966)!

Gawain Wells' father

a vintage milk can from the Wells brother dairy farm
A third and fourth-generation St. George native, George was the son of St. George and Eliza Wells, fourth of their eight children. He worked for the CCC "ripwrapping" at Zion Canyon during the Depression, and was a dairy farmer. I love that he would spend an extra hour leading his cows into the shade so they wouldn't suffer as much in the Dixie heat.

He loved to give his sons an ice-cold Pepsi after working on the hot farm, and for dinner George regularly ate a bowl of bread and milk.  He slept from 7pm-3:30 am, with the grueling farm schedule.  He was married to Hannah, and they had four sons.  He died of a stroke out in the field one day.

as a young boy
George on the farm

Hannah & George
George was remembered as being a big tipper (the presumably very few times he ate out)--so make sure to leave a big one in his honor next time!

his 100th birthday celebration in 2006
For your birthday, George, we are putting together a fabulous Wells reunion later this month!


  1. I'd give him some new farming equipment-I bet technology has made it a lot easier since his day.

  2. What a beautiful idea this blog is! What a treasure to have for your family. Thanks for being willing to post about Emma! It is nice to "meet" you too!