Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Party Game: Favorite Wedding Dress?

Maggie Muir Hatch 1882
This bridal month, vote for your favorite ancestral wedding dress--and if anyone has other ancestral bridal shots, please send them along!
Blanche Woodland fitting in tiny wedding dress post-partum!

Blanche Woodland's dress from 1909 over a century later in 2010
(so small it fits my 11 year old daughter),
Nita's hanging behind

John & Nita Welch 1942

Wally & Anna Cramer 1947

Anna (hard to see, head bent down)

Hannah Rose wedding dress from 1933 (66 years later in 1999)
Elmer & Aggie Jensen 1934
Apparently, there was no film in the camera on the Jensens' actual wedding day,
so this photo was staged later--
and one bridesmaid is super grumpy about it!

Aggie Jensen's dress 72 years later


  1. i like aggie's dress! looks like something that is in style today! what a fun post.

  2. I like Aggie's too, and Hannah's is one of my favorite colors, but Blanche's is my favorite.