Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 63rd birthday, Israel (1948)!

Any ancestral ties here must be more than centuries and millennia ago, but part of my heart will always be in Jerusalem.

I was staying at the kibbutz Afiqim for the Israeli independence day festivities in 1994, and remember well the festival atmosphere of this holiday and the joy with which it was celebrated.  I relished my studies at the BYU center in Jerusalem that winter and spring.  I returned to Israel four years ago with my husband for a visit.  I marvel at the creation of this state, its ongoing struggles, its quest for identity and clarity and peace.  I miss the sights, sounds, and smells, the sermons in every stone.  And someday I long to return.

Jerusalem is the story of doors, of stone,
of light, of water--of elements and symbols,
history and faith, war and peace

feet shod with Jerusalem sandals

headscarfs, anyone?

stone carved in Capernaum

the bread of life

lily in Gethsemane

sunset on Galilee

Shalom l'aretz Israel!  Yom huledet hayyom.


  1. Wow am I homesick! Those pictures brought me a lot of lonely joy! One day, let's go together! You probably remember all the important historical stuff and can remind me! Thanks for a beautiful post!

  2. Whoops--the Despot tried to steal my comment.