Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy 1270th Birthday, Charlemagne (741-814)!

All lines eventually go back to him, we are told, including our Calkin and Hatch lines.  You can read more about Carolus Magnus here.  I didn't even realize he was an ancestor when I wrote that report on him in 6th grade!  So enjoy the royalty connection moment.  Happy Birthday to the beginning of European monarchy--I would give you some modern plumbing so you really could live like a king.


  1. I definitely have a maternal line that goes back to Charlemagne. I thought that was the coolest thing when I first found out about it but then I was told how just about everyone in the US can trace back to him and it was not quite as cool anymore, LOL!

  2. I wrote a report on him in 6th grade too! Lucky I had my mom to help out on interesting facts. I'd give him a glimpse into the future: I bet he never would have guessed how well known he's become.