Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy 118th Birthday, Salt Lake Temple (1893)!

The Salt Lake Temple has been a place of majesty and mystery, solemnity and sacrifice, holiness and happiness, for many generations.

 Matt and I were married here, as were two of his sisters and one of mine, his parents, my Cramer grandparents, and other ancestors further back.  Two sets of my great-grandparents were married here a week apart from each other in 1909 (Woodlands and Hatches).

Temple Quarry Canyon, chisel marks still visible today

As this forty year building project began, granite was hewn from our nearby Temple Quarry Canyon (in Cottonwood Canyon down from Snowbird Ski Resort).  Paternal pioneers Thomas Grover Junior and Miles Williams helped haul enormous stone blocks twenty miles north to the temple site.  John Cottam carved wood for the interior banisters, columns, and rosette decorations.  Lorenzo Hill Hatch attended all thirteen dedicatory sessions in 1893, where his son Lorin sang in the choir.  

our 12th anniversary, 2007
Kids at Temple Square Christmas lights 2010

 May it long remain a personal sanctuary, an ensign to the nations, and a glorious house of the Lord.

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