Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy 421st Birthday, William Bradford (1590-1657)!

Anna Cramer's seventh-great-grandfather

William Bradford is one of our Pilgrims, and I'll feature them fully at Thanksgiving.  You can read more about him here.  Besides the physical hardships of traveling and living in Plymouth Colony, the emotional difficulties of leaving his son behind in Europe and then having his wife die (either suicide or a tragic accident--slipped off the Mayflower soon after arrival) seem nearly unimaginable.  We are descended from his second wife Alice's son, also named William Bradford.

Of note to me is the fact that he studied Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, and wrote this nice poem in his later years:

But keepe the truth in puriety and walke in all humility take heed of pride & contention for that will bring distruction Seeke love & peace & unity and preserve faith, & sanctitie and God will bless you with his Grace and bring you to his resting place.

I would give him a warm and toasty pair of boots!

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  1. I'd give him a glimpse of how famous he has become and have him see how all the Pilgrim's trials were worth it.