Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy 156th Birthday, Louisa Jones Hooper (1855-1908)!

Gayle Wells' great-grandmother
Louisa and James Hooper with baby William

Louisa was born in Wales, and immigrated with her family to Pennsylvania in her childhood.  At sixteen, she married James, a miner and British immigrant.  They had two children, William and Sarah Jane.  At some point Louisa joined the Church, since her daughter was blessed in Pennsylvania. 

The Hooper family moved to Salt Lake City sometime before 1880, and then settled in Park City soon after (possibly in 1883, since daughter Sarah Jane is mentioned as starting school there partway through the year).  Louisa mourned the death of her teenage son William in 1888.  She must have been happy to have her husband join the Church just a few months before she died.  (And then her daughter Sarah Jane Jensen did her parents’ temple work after they died.)

For your birthday, Louisa, we will fix up your headstone this year!  Anyone else want to be part of that?

PS--success :-)


  1. Me! I'd also give her a journal so that we could learn more about her.

  2. I've always been intrigued by Louisa and her large hands. What good must she have done with those strong hands daily?

  3. Okay -- I'm not sure why Gmail won't allow me to comment as myself, but most likely when you see Zach comment it's his mother --Stef.