Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pioneer wagon trains

Pioneers Who Crossed the Plains Before 1869

Our oldest ancestor who came to Utah was John Woodland, age 74; the youngest was Victor Hegsted, an infant in arms.  Several crossed the plains more than once returning from missions or the Mormon Battalion.  The females are listed in the alphabetical order of married name as in biographical section, but name used at the time of crossing is noted with future married name in italics.  Interesting to note that John and Eliza Welch started out in the William Snow/Joseph Young Company of 1850, but continued their journey in 1852; the WS/JY Co is the same group that the John and Celia Woodland family traveled with—little knowing that their grandchildren John Welch and Unita Woodland would marry.  Asa Calkin was also in that company with the Woodlands.  The Sanders family traveled in the same company as Sylvia and Clarissa Eastman.  The Grovers, Everetts, and Billingtons all arrived together.

Pioneer ships

Pioneers Who Sailed to Zion