Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy 185th Birthday, Sylvia Savonia Eastman Hatch (1826-1904)!

Nita Welch's great-grandmother
A smart, spunky, independent pioneer woman.  Don't mess with the glint in her eyes!

Happy 208th Birthday, Wealthea Bradford Hatch (1803-1841)!

Anna Hatch Cramer's great-great-grandmother
Wealthea Bradford Hatch
Wealthea was the second of ten children in a family descended from seven Mayflower colonists, including Governor William Bradford and William Brewster, and she was mindful of her heritage. Her name is spelled variously as Wealthea, Wealtha, Weltha, Welthea, Wealthua, and Wealthy.  

Monday, October 31, 2011

October Party Game: Best Headstone?

Nauvoo Burial Grounds on an October afternoon
They come tall, flat, broken, new, aged, buried, and easy to find 
(see locations of relevant cemeteries here)--
which ancestral headstone is your favorite?

William Bradford--I'm partial to the Hebrew inscription
("Jehovah is the help of  my life")
Stephen Robert Wells
Miles & Ellen Williams

Henry Perkes

Rebecca Rogers

Rachel Sanders Everett
Schuyler Everett

Asa Calkin
Wally Cramer

Eliza and John Welch
Happy hauntings!
Salt Lake City Cemetery on an
October Sunday evening

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy 129th Birthday, Frank S Hatch (1882-1968)!

Anna Hatch Cramer's father

Frank helped design the "U" on the mountain!  And curiously, his middle initial "S" doesn't stand for anything.