Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy 118th Birthday, Salt Lake Temple (1893)!

The Salt Lake Temple has been a place of majesty and mystery, solemnity and sacrifice, holiness and happiness, for many generations.

Happy 213th Birthday, William Rogers (1798-1834)!

John Welch's great-great-grandfather

William Rogers sounds like a character from a British novel--wealthy second son of a privileged English silversmithing family, he fell in love with the rosy-cheeked servant girl.  They eloped against his parents' wishes. William's parents disinherited him, but his grandparents gave them money to open a small sword-blade grinding shop.  

They lived happily together, but William got sick and died when Rebecca was pregnant with their seventh child, our ancestor Emma Rogers Shaw.  His wife and children became Mormon pioneers, but William's grave is back in Kings Norton, England. Rebecca contacted his parents when William died to see if they wanted to bury him in the family vault, but they never responded.  Sometimes she would point out their fancy carriages riding past in the streets, and advise her children never to marry above their station in life.

William, if I could write novels, I would give you and Rebecca a book!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy 163rd Birthday, Elizabeth Heiner Grover (1848-1882)!

Gawain's great-grandmother

Interesting that Gawain has two great-grandparents with birthdays today!  Elizabeth Christina Heiner Grover died young and so is less-recognized, but today not forgotten.

Happy 176th Birthday, Schuyler Everett (1835-1924)!

Gawain's great-grandfather

Schuyler was a rescuer of the Martin-Willie Handcart company, and has a quintessential pioneer story.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy 156th Birthday, Josefine Jensen (1855-1929)!

Gayle's great-grandmother

My favorite thing about this woman is her name--when we were in Norway, I asked a native how to pronounce it, and I can still remember the lyrical sound of "Yosefine Laurine Matilde Pedersdatter Yensen."

The only known photo of Josefine and Sigvart