Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy 178th Birthday, Hiram Cramer (1833-1909)!

Wally Cramer's grandfather

Teenage Hiram, lured from Pennsylvania by the irresistible excitement of the Gold Rush, traveled to California and brought back enough gold to make his bride's wedding ring.  His grandson Wally was a convert to the LDS church, so this Cramer line interacted with American history in ways other than did the pioneers.

Hiram and his wife Mary Adeline are the only great-great-grandparents of whom I have no photo--so he is the focus of frequent searches on ebay and Dead Fred.  Hiram, I'm still looking for you!  Someday I hope to add you to my Photoloom collection and basement wall.
headstone photo from

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 189th Birthday, Jane Stewart Robb Muir (1822-1907)!

Anna Hatch Cramer's great-grandmother

Jane (also called Jean), was a hard-working Scottish pioneer.  But we can still relate: she dated a guy her boss disapproved of, a lawyer tricked her into signing away an inheritance, and she boiled down water from the Great Salt Lake to make salt.  Well, maybe we can't quite relate, but she's inspiring nonetheless.
Jane and William Muir